What To Expect During Your First Trimester

Your first trimester of your pregnancy can be a huge change for you and for your body. You may not notice much of a belly bump just yet, but you will notice a lot of other changes to your body. Read on for what you can expect during your first trimester and tips to get you through.

Nausea Or Morning Sickness

You could have nausea during your first trimester, or even morning sickness. Morning sickness isn't exactly what it sounds like. You aren't just sick in the morning--you could be sick at any time of the day or night. You may only have a nauseated feeling without any sickness at all, which may not be much better. Those fluttery feelings in your belly can be helped by keeping crackers on hand. The crackers help keep food in your belly and keep those flutter feelings at bay. 

If you get nauseated while brushing your teeth in the morning, try using a bland toothpaste or use a little less toothpaste on your toothbrush. 

Change In Appetite

You will have a change in your appetite, some will experience more hunger, while others may be completely turned off by food. You need food to nourish your body and to keep your baby nourished as well. Try eating different foods that are a little blander, or try drinking smoothies or protein-packed shakes to give you back some of the nourishment you're missing. 

Lack Of Energy

You may experience a lack of energy or the feeling of being tired all the time. If you have a chance to take a nap here and there, do so. Your body is going through a lot of changes, and you may not have this time to nap later after your baby is born, so take advantage and rest when you can. Don't over-do it and add stress to your body or to your baby.


You may be getting headaches more often, which could be from a few different things such as changes in hormone levels or from changes in sleep. Talk to your obstetrician about what medications are safe to take while pregnant.

Mood Swings

This is common during pregnancy: one second you may feel happy as can be, and the next second you may be crying for no reason. No, you aren't losing your mind--this is from a fluctuation in your hormone levels. Take a minute for yourself every now and then and try to keep your stress levels down. Keep tissues on hand and start wearing waterproof mascara-- the tears may fall but it's OK.

Talk to your obstetrician about what other things you can expect during your first trimester and throughout your pregnancy. If you aren't sure if what you're feeling is normal, call an obstetrician at a clinic like Desert Rose OBGYN PC with any of your questions or concerns.

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